Brand Background
The name Camberyn consists of three (3) Chinese characters combined to mean 'health and longevity'. The idea is to create a strong product brand identity in the market. Hence, it is all more necessary to invest in brand building into household names. Our philosophy is to promote health and longevity to the consumer that used our healthcare product.

Our flagship products includes: Bird's Nest, Essence of Chicken and Essence of Fish.

Brand Vision
Camberyn will continue strives to become Number 1 position in every category of healthcare product we produced. We will compete and aspire to be a global well know brand for healthcare product. Our brand is built on a strong vision - Everything we do and deliver today will allow others to realize our vision tomorrow. We aim to serve all consumers with the top quality healthcare supplement to create a happier and healthier community.

Brand Mission
Camberyn's is committed to be the best healthcare choice for the consumer by delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve highest quality healthcare product in a competitive price.

Brand Promise
Camberyn's means Quality this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality, our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our promise is delivered; our success is built on a deep understanding, anticipation and meeting of the changing expectations and needs of its consumers' tastes and lifestyles. To achieve long term success, Camberyn will make a commitment to meet high standards of product quality, service performance and productivity to bring about consistent values and gain a competitive advantage