Super Kids
The Fun Tasty Way To Get Your Vitamins
Children between 5 to 12 years old are most active in their growth therefore a balanced diet with essential nutrients is very important. The new five variants of SuperKids. Vitamin Gummy are designed specially for children with unbalanced nutritional intakes. With 4 natural fruits flavors that children love, we ensure your child stays healthy and happy at all times.

12 Certified Organic Fruits & Veggies
For Fussy Eater (Fibre Rich Support) SuperKids Gummy Fruits and Vegies is made from 12 certified fruits and veggies to deliver the fibre and antioxidant intake every child needs. It contains an ORAC (antioxidant) Value that is equal to 2 servings of fruits and veggies. Fibre is an important element to keep your children's digestive tract active and healthy, as well auto build their immune resistance and healthy digestive system.

Omega 3 Fish Oil with HA & EPA
Optimal Brain Development SuperKids Gummy Omega 3 Fish Oil with DHA & EPA contains high Omega 3 Fish Oil - DHA and EPA from salmon fish oil which are essential for optimal development and functioning of the brain. DHA and EPA help children develop healthy brain cells for better mental performance and aid in growth stage.

Lysine + Minerals + Multi Vitamins
Balanced Nutritional Support
SuperKids Gummy Lysine + Minerals + Multi Vitamins is a formula with vitamin and minerals and further enhanced with Lysine that helps supplement children's general needs. It also will helps cultivate their strength for a healthy growth.

Calcium with Vitamin D
For Strong, Healthy Bones, Teeth & Muscles
SuperKids Gummy Calcium with Vitamin D helps supplement children's calcium intake during their prime growth-years, which in turn helps in the develpment of strong bones & teeth. bones. The added Vitamin D helps the body utilise calcium.

Vitamin C + Zinc
To Boost The Immune Health & Well Being
SuperKids. Gummy Vitamin C + Zinc contains a formula of Vitamin C and Zinc that helps protect children from infection such as common cold and flu. The antioxidant from Vitamin C helps strengthen children's immune system and Zinc helps in wound healing.