Vision and Mission
"Innovation for Healthy Living" – This is the company's motto. The business of health care is the business of caring for people. The Company's mission is to become a leading local home grown healthcare manufacturer and supplier in Asia Pacific Region. The Company's aims to develop and produce a range of international standard Malaysia-made food and health supplements, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products and medical supplies at a very competitive prices. We are committed to be an innovative, publicly accountable and locally controlled comprehensive healthcare product manufacturer, to plays an active role in promoting and improving health. We treat this as a challenge for us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first.

The success of the Company is guided by its vision to be a value-creating enterprise for the employees, customers and shareholders. The Company believes in the following critical factors to achieve its vision of being a global recognized as the natural healthcare product manufacturer of choice. :

  • Attract, motivate, develop and retain quality employees.
  • Appreciate and satisfy customers' expectations.
  • Continuous investment in R & D practices to develop quality and innovative products that address the demands of modern living.
  • Creating brand equity.
  • Investment in modern plant technologies that are GMP, ISO and HACCP compliant.
  • Emphasis on cooperate social responsibility