Manufacturing Qualifications and Standards
Len Fa is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant manufacturer. A comprehensive Qualification and Validation Program is being carried out in the new facility to prove control of the critical aspects of the production operations.

All procedures used by Len Fa are regularly audited by means of internal audits for ongoing compliance and systematic improvement.

These independent audits plus a comprehensive and rigorous internal testing schedule form part of the intensive program that Len Fa undertakes as part of its commitment to attain continued improvements in all facets of its business.

Regulatory Licences
The company holds a GMP licence to manufacture, package and store sterilized/non-sterile Health Supplement, Essence of Herbs, Bird's Nest drink, and Essence of Meat. All manufacturing is compliant with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Therapeutic Goods.

All therapeutic goods manufactured and marketed by Len Fa comply with the Malaysia Department of Health. Products are either registered or listed on the Biro Malaysia and comply with all labelling requirements.

International Standard
In order to stay on track in the region top quality, Len Fa manage to comply with Australian' ISO 22000:2005 and HACP food safety. ISO 22000 combines Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), with both the Prerequisite Program (PRP) and the Operational Prerequisite Program (OPRP), to form an integrated Food Safety Management System (FSMS). PRP ensures a hygienic environment in the food chain and OPRP on the other hand minimises the probability of exposure of either the product or the product environment to hazards and contamination.

These international standards take into account every aspect within its scope to maintain the safety of its food products. These allow us to manufacture Malaysia Made product using an international recognize standards.

Halal Certification is the recognition that the products are permissible under Islamic law. These products are thus edible, drinkable or usable by Muslims. Len Fa has complied all the requirement form The Department of the Advancement of Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) and has been verified to produce halal products. Len Fa also linked with Halal Industry Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (HDC) for certification of Halal products.

The Department of Agriculture and Agro-Based has set up the Veterinary Health Mark (VHM) for veterinary involved products. VHM means the certification by the ministry for safety and traceable used of livestock in the product. Len Fa has been award to the logo for all ours product we produce, as we complies with all the requirements of safety and tractability of all the livestock we use for all our product.