Company Philosophy & Core Value
For more than 40 years Len Fa is still remaining faithful to the philosophy of "innovation for healthy living", Len Fa adheres uncompromisingly to its traditional virtues. Len Fa has supported those who seek a more natural approach to health by offering safe, efficacious, quality products. These products, which must meet some of the most rigorous regulatory standards in the world, are supported by honest, reliable advisory services for consumers, and a range of education and customer service programs for our retail partners and health professionals. Our commitment to high standards, top grade ingredients, good manufacturing practice and information that is trusted has placed Len Fa at the premium end of the market.

As we work to create Len Fa' future, we recognise that our leadership extends beyond our expertise in natural healthcare product, and includes the focus on our customers, our ability to challenge paradigms and think outside the square. We act responsibly toward each other and our local community, and protect our reputation and values. All medical ingredients and finished products will undergo stringent testing in Len Fa's in-house control laboratory, in order to ensure the quality of the products before it leaves the manufacturing facilities and reaches the consumers. The Company also endeavors to understand the market needs through research & development, refinements and market surveys.

We also seek to attract and retain high quality staff that share our values and understand what we are trying to achieve together. We ask a lot of each other: open communication, professionalism, performance and a genuine belief in our business goals and corporate culture.

These factors, combined with our approach to growth, encourage everyone at Len Fa to keep providing customers with the best products and services, maintain our environmentally sound business practices, and remain as a trusted healthcare provider in the region.